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Las Colinas Therapeutic Massage

Co-located with IC WELLNESS

580 Decker Dr.  Ste. 150

Irving, TX 75062

We do one thing only and we do it very well, massage, no contracts, no memberships

Swedish massage

Treat yourself to the profound relaxation of a full body swedish massage. Our therapists have many years of experience and can offer alternative solutions to complex health issues or give preventative treatments. We are confident that we have the therapist that is right for you.
Traditional swedish massage as a healing tool has been around for thousands of years in many cultures.  Touching is a natural human reaction to pain and stress, and for conveying compassion and support.  Revive yourself with a therapeutic swedish massage, let our professional team soothe sore, tired muscles, relieve stress, and help your body heal.  Massage is not a luxury; it is a necessity for optimum health.

The human body reacts to stress by protectively tightening its muscles. Often, we are unaware of this tension until it creates headaches, back pain, insomnia or fatigue . Using several techniques and varying pressures, our therapists work with you toward the releasing of stress and tension. Listening with hands, our Massage Therapist are sensitive to those areas of pain and tension, thereby allowing you to bring into your conscious awareness of the reasons behind your body's discomfort and fatigue. Muscles relax, toxins release, emotional well-being arises. Oxygen intake increases and internal organs are rested during a swedish massage. You will come away feeling lighter in body, mind and spirit.

Contraindications (reasons not to do massage)

Local Contraindications

It may be necessary for your therapist to avoid massaging the portion of your body that is affected. Examples are: varicose veins, rashes, edema, hernia, tumors, bruises, cuts, recent surgeries, or inflammation.If you are pregnant it never hurts to get a release from your physician.  When in doubt, discuss the matter with your physician before making an appointment.  If you are under a physician's care we would be happy to work with your doctor to make sure your therapy is safe and beneficial. Please have your doctors name and number on hand when you call for your appointment to get information from them regarding your condition and the limit of care we can provide to you.

Call 972-714-0800 for your appointment, and if you have other concerns, please feel free to discuss them with us as well.

Although there are many benefits to receiving massage therapy there are some conditions that may make massage unwise. These are called "contraindications".You should not get a massage if you:

· Have severe uncontrolled hypertension (high blood pressure)

· Are intoxicated

· Have an acute infectious disease such as pneumonia, influenza, or even a fever.

· Have toxemia or preclampsia during pregnancy or if you have undergone chemotherapy within the last 72 hours

You should get your doctor's approval and discuss your condition with your therapist if you have:

Prone to blood clots (must be on coumadin or heparin)

Edema (swelling)

Pregnancy under 12 weeks, you must have a release by your treating Ob/Gyn or family physician.

Cancer (massage could promote metastasis), unless released by your treating physician.


Diabetes (if on insulin, must inform site of last injection)

Severe asthma

Heart or lung disease (if not on medication for it)

Osteoporosis (no deep tissue massage for this condition)

Or if you have had surgery recently.  Although massage after most cosmetic surgeries, like lipo-suction, breast augmentation, and tummy tucks, is recommended, a doctors approval is always recommended.