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Providing professional therapeutic deep tissue massage for muscle aches and stress relief

Deep Tissue

Our deep tissue, texas registered, Massage therapists have years of experience in deep tissue massage

Treat yourself to the profound relaxation of a full body swedish massage.

From TMJ to Sciatica to cricks in the neck, our experienced massage therapists can help putting you back together

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Mon  8:00am - 7:00pm

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This services cover all forms of therapeutic massage in our clinic, describe what you wish in your massage when scheduling so that you are matched with the proper therapist.

For example specify: Deep tissue, Swedish, TMJ massage, Prenatal, or under 18.

Half hour (target area)..…….…$40 (25 MIN)

One hour (full body)…….……...$80 (50 MIN)

Hour and a half (full body)…. $120 (80 MIN)

MASSAGE PACKAGES 3 hrs for $225, 6 hrs for $420, or four 1.5hr sessions for $420

Massage Therapy Rates

We do one thing only, massage therapy, and we do it very well.

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