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Las Colinas Therapeutic Massage

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Deep tissue massage ...

                                   The pain that makes the pain go away

Benefits of deep connective tissue massage include:
Improved mobility - Better muscle balance -  Reduced cellulite appearance - Detoxification - Improved circulation - Improved lymphatic return - Improved sleep patterns - relaxing and stress reducing - pain relief from areas of tension - relieves tension from posture problems

As well as leaving you feeling relaxed and stress free, a massage can also leave you feeling drugged because of toxins and wastes being removed from the muscles and connective tissue (mainly lactic and pyruvic acids, and cortisol). The body also produces endorphins which may put you on a bit of a high, this is very evident after a full body massage and can be quite pleasant.
It is recommended to drink two to four 12 oz glasses of water after a massage to flush out the toxins from your body.

Why Deep Tissue? / Connective Tissue Massage?
The whole body is really made up of connective tissue, but in muscles it wraps around muscle fibers to form muscle sheaths, which extend to form tendons to connect to bones. Similar connective tissue also wraps around the whole body and limbs, forming fascial layers, keeping everything in place, including muscle tissue, fatty tissue and body organs.
These connective tissue layers, are much like a lose weave fabric, with many layers that cross over each other. In most cases the layers are supposed to slide over each other, to allow for movement. But, with dehydration, tension, injury, lack of physical activity or stretching, poor nutrition, lactic acid and pyruvic acid build up (toxins), smoking, etc. these layers tend to stick together, thicken and harden.
These layers sticking together cause many problems, including a lack of mobility in certain limbs, muscle imbalances, and cellulite (when connective tissue layers that are so hardened and stuck, they form a kind of a net that fatty tissue pokes through).
The properties of connective tissue are essentially a liquid that has properties that make it become more liquid with slow pressure and heat, and becomes more solid with sudden pressure, or cold. So, deep connective tissue massage is slow and deep. This is not nearly as painful as it might sound, if you are a masochist it is actually very relaxing.

Good Deep Tissue Massage is hard to find!
Our deep tissue Texas registered massage therapists, have years of experience in deep tissue massage, offering an incredibly relaxing, thorough, trigger point specific, therapeutic, full-body massage.
Different techniques are incorporated, but mainly a combination of Swedish and trigger-point-specific deep tissue, focusing on the back, shoulders and neck areas, where most problems lie.
All of our massage therapist are trained in condition specific protocols, from cricks in your neck from sleeping on the couch, to plantar fascitis from running a marathon, to thoracic outlet syndrome from auto trauma.