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Las Colinas Therapeutic Massage

Co-located with IC WELLNESS

580 Decker Dr.  Ste. 150

Irving, TX 75062

We do one thing only and we do it very well, massage, no contracts, no memberships

According to WebMD:

For those who want to go the alternative route to treat their back pain, massage may be the best bet. A new study demonstrates that it is superior to both acupuncture and self-care for this frustrating and debilitating condition. Experts agree that often the best way to manage chronic back pain is to use several therapies at once, and therapeutic massage may be an important part of the package.

"This provides some scientific evidence that massage may be useful for people with chronic back pain," investigator Daniel C. Cherkin, PhD, tells WebMD. "Therefore, it's certainly something that one with chronic back pain should consider trying."

According to Us:

There are many forms of back pain, some chronic, some in the lower back, some upper, some are due to falls and some due to just simply sleeping wrong, (I still have a problem explaining to my kids how you can mess that up, but when you are an adult anything is possible.)

Therapeutic massage is bar none the best treatment for back pain of any kind, and if that doesn’t make it completely go away, we have chiropractic available in case it is of a structural nature rather than a muscular condition.

We also know the limitations of our craft, we know when it is something more than a massage can fix.

We have a large network of physicians comprised of orthopaedic surgeons, neurologists and physical therapists that we can refer you to, if needed.

This is the difference between our clinic and the rest.... Experienced therapist, with above requirement training, that pride themselves in making you feel better and themselves indispensable for you to either simply relax and de-stress, or provide relief from sciatica, back pain, or thoracic outlet syndrome.